First Baltimore Single, "See The Change" Released

Our first-ever JUDAIC MOSAIC: BWI session was so much fun! We tracked two amazing songs and are absolutely thrilled to share this first single with you today, "See The Change" by Gabrielle Zwi:

Gabrielle is passionate about community involvement and being active in USY. Her song will be featured in the Winter 2016 video!

Want more music? Check out our ATL sessions:

Etz Chaim Kadima Songwriting Workshop!

Director and founder, Nick Edelstein brought our acclaimed Judaic Mosaic Songwriting Workshop to Congregation Etz Chaim Kadima on Sunday afternoon. Here's what the kids created in just one hour!

The Etz Chaim Kadima kids wrote this song in one hour, with the guidance of Judaic Mosaic director Nick Edelstein. (CLICK TO EXPAND)

Kosher Noise on WREK 91.1 FM

One of our 2014 alum, Miles Cohen got to perform his song "Get Up" during WREK's "Kosher Noise" program. Check it out!